new to LXR. I see lots of potential, but getting on par goes a bit slow. Some questions please...

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Hi all

Great box, but because of the different firmware's the documentation is a bit scattered over the place (sorry to start with complaining ;)
So i have the latest BC o.37 firmware installed (Thank you Brendan!).
I tried studying the official (old?) manual, the wiki. and the release notes from the modified firmware. And the forum. (I was hoping for a more alive, informative forum, seems very quiet here...)

please be so kind to enlighten me about:

Whats the best way to save? I want to save patterns and sounds, or rather the whole state of the machine.
Do i need to give a name to kit, pattern, settings and performance? What does save all do?

I think when these basics are transparant, I can go on exploring with more confidence :)

thank you!!


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