Penrose triggering by itself

Hello. Just dropping by to see if anyone can help me diagnose an issue with my Penrose. The unit is triggering by itself as if there were a changing voltage coming into the input. I plugged the Penrose into a different power source and had the same behavior. I flashed the firmware and got no changes either.

Important to mention: I did reverse a power connector on a different module from the same power distro. Nothing was damaged as far as I can tell. Although, I can't recall if the Penrose was doing this before my rookie mistake. Maybe I damaged a component that would be causing the problem? Thanks for any help. :)


  • with nothing connected the penrose should stay at the low C (uppermost button)

    it seems it has a voltage offset on the input that falls between 2 notes.
    looking at the schematic:
    I'd check the soldering at the components:

    TL072 (U2B)
    r14 + r15

    2x4 pin connector

    r6 + r7

    mcp6002 (U3A)

    you could also try to remove the TL072, if it still happens, then the error should be around the MCP6002. If the problem is gone, look around the TL072.

  • Thanks so much :) , will have the opportunity to check it out soon.
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