How to sent midi notes from ableton sequencer to LXR ?

Hi I have a problem how to sent a midi note message to lxr to play with ableton internal sequencer.
When i go in the midi clipo i have open in ableton i go in note 36 = C1 as the manual say ;7.4 Record incoming MIDI but the i have no hear sound.
i have go in t he menu and i have set the BPM=0, CH=4(my midi channel for the lxr), TXF=all, RXF=all.

Why the LXR cant receive a midi note like the other drum machines in the market ? i have missing something ?

In the mix parameter of the voices need to change something in the VOICE CHANNEL "CH" and the STEP NOTE "NTE" ?? 
I have change something if is this but with no luck!!!\

Please i need a help!


  • I don't know ableton, but in my daw to send midi 36 I must play a C-3. Perhaps try to use every C note of all the octave you have in ableton. To see if your playing on the good octave.
  • I have test it but nothing , may need something else to change in the menu?
  • I use mine with ableton with no issues, i am stuck in work at the moment but if you have not figured it out soon then PM me and i can give you a copy of the drum rack i have set up for mine, I am using Live 9.1.7
  • Can you tell me the way?
  • When i play with my keybord from ableton the lxr play all sounds together like!!!!!!
    May need some changes in the mix section of the voice channels? Im confused :/
  • Good news your lxr receive midi. I m not in front of mine but in a menu there is certainly writen "any" that seem's that a voice react on any note of the selected channel. Change "any" to the note number you want. This setting is part of a kit so if you load a different kit it will perhaps change this setting, i don't remember if it is saved with the global setting save file or not, sorry.
  • Thanks xirso i will check it and i will sent a feedback
  • I have check were was the setting. In voice mode then mix then totally on the right under NTE.
  • I wanna ask you, when you are in the voice mode and press the mix button in side has the note you wont to choose for the voice and has voice channel to choose from 1 to 16. What is this?
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    I will try to explain this shortly (and with my level in english) hope it will be clear. In midi there are different informations send from a software or an hardware and received by a software or an hardware. In your case Abelton send informations to the LXR.

    This informations (note value, velocity, CC…) are send in a channel. You must tell to the sender (Ableton) and the receiver (LXR) to "listen and speak" in the same channel. If Ableton "say" something on channel 3 for example the LXR must "listen" to the channel 3 to "ear" the informations. In my case, I use my DAW like a midi sequencer, each of my hardware instruments are listening to a different channel, and my DAW send informations on different channel to the different instruments.  If it isn't clear I will try to answer more in detail.

  • the lxr is like have 6 different instruments?
  • The LXR is more one instrument with 7 drum voices. Because they are "only" 16 channels in midi, a drum machine is often set to listen to one channel, and  different notes of this channel are telling to the different voice to play. But the LXR is very flexible and can be use to sequence other gears too, so the configuration options are made to respond to this possibility. In my case every voice of the LXR are set to listen to the same channel but not the same note.

    Voice one is listening to channel 1 and note 36, voice two is listening to channel 1 and note 37… In my DAW one track is sending on channel 1 the note 36 another track is sending on channel 1 the note 37…

    In your DAW you can certainly do the same, but you must be careful to choose the good channel, if you can set the channel to "omni" or "all" it will send note etc on every midi channel.

  • Thanks again Xirso for the info, but i found the LXR as very complicated machine
  • Did you figure this out yet??
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    The xirso has enother way from you.
    First i check your way and second the way of xirso!
    But i'am a little bit confused wuth thus drum computer, isn't like the other drums!
    I have MFB Tanzbaer and is very easy to use!

  • I understand thta you may conclude that LXR is a difficult machine. I had a lot of questions, card troubles and ableton syncing problems. Thing is, I mostly found the answers myself and ended up learning more. Just don't give up, come to the forum and community when you are sure you searched everything yourself. I find DIY projects like the LXR or the shruthi more like ways to learn and experience. They should not be considered like straight out of the box working machines.
    They are not easy, not fast food music machines but more like a self cooking gourmet restaurant! You come here to learn!
  • i cant understand why i cant make it work like the other normal drum machines!!!!

    now i understand in the MIX section of Every Voice the VOICE CHANNEL = Midi Channel  and the NTE is the note you want to trigger to play from your keyboard or from your DAW, but in the master setting of the LXR i have select to use as midi master channel the midi channel 4 and in the 7 voice i have choose the voice channel 4 and i have change the note for drum 1 = c1, drum 2 = c1#, drum 3 = d1, snare = d1#, clp/cym = e1, op hh = f1, cl hh = f1#.

    I think i have make the trigger well, but when i press this notes i listen NOTHING 

    "in the menu the RFX is ALL" 

    Any help please???? i don't want to spent 7 different midi channels like i have 7 different synthesizers, i need to use like normal drumachine.....

    I hope someone can help me because i have stuck  
  • I had a look at it with my LXR and ableton.
    There is actually an offset between what the LXR mention and Ableton Live. Not sure if it comes from ableton or the LXr.
    But anyway, as discussed "here": , if you want to send a note to your LXR from ableton, it should not be C1 but C-1 and so on.
    So for your settings, keep your notes and send from ableton:

    drum 1 = c-1, drum 2 = c#-1, drum 3 = d-1, snare = d#-1, clp/cym = e-1, op hh = f-1, cl hh = f#-1

    I know it is weird, but once you know it it is all fine.
    And do not forget that strangely, the notes and midi channel settings are saved with overall setting and not on each preset.
    By the way, don't you guys think it is a bit silly? Could we had this to the next firmware update?
  • I don't think that's silly, it's a matter of convention. Midi notes are numbers between 0-127 to have 12 note and 10 octave. In certain DAW they begin in c-2 in other DAW it isn't the case. Changing this in the firmware isn't hard but I think that we must do that ourself cause every one has different need. Or perhaps you can ask to the developper of Ableton to change this cause it's silly that they don't adapt their code to the LXR :-).
    About the setting of the different parameter I was thinking that the kit was saving it. And that you can save it in global setting too. I must check this. Last thing, to dimifrag, perhaps you change the note in the step mode this define wich note you write on the sequencer of the LXR. In mix you define which not the voice are listening to.
  • You misread me, I totally get it with the note offset. 
    I was just talking about the note setting being saved with the overall setting. I have to get back into it to verify it though, after reading you, I may have missed something and saving it wrongly then.

    Note about the listening and sending note: For me, when I set up a note in the mix, it listen to this specific note, but also send it to my DAW.
  • Paulus thanks, now working the lxr with the ableton sequencer!
    "If i want to save the settings of the mix menu go to save menu and save to ALL?"
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