Case/enclosure for LXR



  • Looks great. Can't wait to order!
  • Any idea on a price yet?
  • Hmm, I don't think I like it. It looks great and solid as a truck but the big wide spaces and teh flange on the left and right make it bigger than it needs to be. I'll continue on making my own although I really do like the "angle" on it rather than being the normal cuboid enclosure. I've been thinking how to create an angled enclosure out of ponoko sheets but the best I can do imagine is this;

    Alter the cuboid enclosure so the front is shorter and the back larger to provide an angle. The back and front panels are 90 degrees to the top panel so the "notches" are flush.

    Instead of side screws and standoffs to hold the whole thing together I cut more notches and glue the top and side panels together.

    The mainboard PCB is screwed to the top panel. The top panel will be thicker to remove flex. It'll also be matt acrylic with light pipes for LED's.

    The trigger IO will "hang" from standoffs from the main PCB.

    I'm a bit stuck on how to do the bottom panel. Perhaps using notches plus the slotted screw/bolt method used on the sides of the current acrylic enclosure would work.

    I should draw a picture. :)
  • "I cut more notches and glue the top and side panels together."

    Hmm, glue... that doesn't sound like a very good solution imho. I think Adrian did a great job at making a case that looks great, without any ugly screws looking through the frontplate or "hacky" ways to hold the thing together, like the slotted screw/bolt method used on the acrylic case (which works fine for an acrylic case, but hey, I would never buy a metal case made like that!).

    It's a bit bigger, but then... it's not those couple of centimetres that really make the difference.
  • Yeah, further musing leads me to believe a lasercut cuboid case is just too difficult to make angled and it's sturdiness wouldn't be sufficient. Cuboid it is.

    I also think Ade's case is awesome. He's got a real talent and it's also nice to see him come up with a case that's different from the usual box with wooden ends on it. It tributes the LXR nicely which imo, is a unique machine.

    Since I've spend some 500 AUD and 10 hours making this thing I may end up getting the new case anyway, to protect my investment, and to get on making music instead of hacking on things that make music. :)
  • "Since I've spend some 500 AUD and 10 hours making this thing I may end
    up getting the new case anyway, to protect my investment, and to get on
    making music instead of hacking on things that make music."

    Haha, yeah I know that problem! :)
  • yes... news ? I want to build a second LXR with this case.
  • ok here is an update.
    I will put the enclosures in the shop on friday.
    Normal price will be 110,- incl. 19% VAT (non EU folks pay 92.44,-)
    But since there is a printing error on the current batch they will be sold for 10,-€ less. So 100,- it is.
    The error is the print on the backside. Out L/R is the wrong way round as is MIDI IN/OUT :-(
    you can see it on this picture

    This includes all needed parts - lightpipes, switch, some rubber o-rings to fasten the lightpipes, screws and a display window.

    The cases will appear in the shop probably spread in 2 batches, one around 11am CET and one at 11pm CET.

    Unfortunately the raffle didn't find much resonance.
    so far there is 1 participant ;) If tomorrow night no further people from the forum will participate I will anounce the raffle public on twitter etc. I will announce the raffle winner when the first batch goes online. So GOGOGO, send me some presets! ;)
  • i noticed the trigger io is covered up in that picture set, are the holes underneath that little metal panel? were the printing errors for the clock in/reset in from the acrylic case corrected?
  • The pics Julian uploaded on the 23rd showed the trigger i/o holes hiding underneath the panel. This is the link:
  • i'll send you some presets tonight for the raffle.
    i was so busy these last days!
  • Can't help but feel a little discriminated against for this raffle. I've been waiting for the metal case for months before I even buy my LXR so I can get everything all at once :( 
  • Ok, I'll try to send you some tonight!
  • Thanks! Julian sent me a PM and said I can join the raffle so long as I promise to submit presets later. Still wouldn't mind checking out your presets though ;)
  • Haha, maybe you'll find them in the new firmware. I pretty shure Julian will put them somewhere.
  • I'll try to send some preset asap. When is the raffle deadline?
    I'll have to spend some time, most of my presets have sample based voices, so I guess that can't work.
  • How do I recognise the presets on the sd cards? :D

  • *.SND are the kits
  • deadline is in half an hour.
    I'll put the enclosures in the shop at 11am CET (and 11pm CET) and want to decide the reaffle half an hour before that so people know if they have to buy a case. ;)
  • The winner of the raffle is....



    The first batch of cases will be in the shop soon :)
  • Sweet, thanks julian!
  • Finally! Thanks Julian and Adrian. There will be metal!
  • Get your enclosure while they're still hot!
  • edited December 2015
    OK , Got it !
  • FINALLY! :-)) Full kit AND metal case are on their way! Thanks Julian  :^o
  • bought :)
    i hope you dont mind , ive asked for a button cap to be added, i have one missing .,..
    send me info to cover extra cost.
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