Weird chinease symbol since New firmware

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Hi again, 

Ok, Big problem... Since 3 day i downloaded the firmware.bin on the brendanclark website. 

This morning, i try to play with my lxr. Only weird chinease symbol appeared. I deleted all on my sd card, nothing change. 
 Try to put the original firmware, nothing change. I definitly can't play anymore on my lxr.... 

PLEASE HELP ME. i can't do anything, and nothing is working. what can i fucking do.. i going to be mad... 

for more than 350 e the numbers of bug it's not normal. please help me...  


  • Hello bonjour,

    First of all, as Brendan mentioned, his version of the firmware is a custom version and therefore should be tested at your own risk. Th LXR is also a DIY project and not a corporate project. As such, before buying the kit, you are aware that there is no crazy testing/debugging panel that are only paid for that. The user are a community that help each other and also help sonic potion and Brendan to debug new versions.

    The price of the kit has noting to do with the potentiality of having a few bugs here and there. For information, the price is really good, I sourced my own LXR and ended up paying 10 euros less than the full kit.

    Now that we are clear on the subject and purpose of DIY, I also had some trouble with chinese symbols on my screen from time to time on boot. It had something to do with the AVR reseting when the power connector is not 100% sturdy and causing the unit to show a garbled screen ( ;).
    Usually, the problem was resolved when rebooting the unit.

    First of all, I would advise you to format your SD card and reload the whole official firmware image (you can find it here:
    When rebooting your unit, do not forget to hold the encoder down so your firmware can be updated to the one you just put on your SD card.

    If that does not change anything, you can always try a new SD card (I had to go through 3 versions before finding a good one that will work with the LXR) and do the same manipulation again.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll get passed these troubles and enjoy this amazing machine!
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    And if you are using a Mac with your SD card, do not forget to eject your card using a software like Hidden cleaner that helps cleaning out the hidden files that Osx automaticaly puts there when you connect your SD card.
    Also, do not put two firmware bin files on the same SD card, that can't result in anything good.

  • thanks you ! i'll try this !! 
    sorry for my bad mood, 
    i know that all this community is working together to put this amazing machine on the top. 
  • by the way, did you still have trouble issues with your lxr ?
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    No problem. about my troubles, I don't really have it anymore, especially since I updated with the last firmware from brendan, that implements a fix from Julian for this trouble ( Firmware v0.37 - fixes the scrambled OLED after a AVR soft reset).
    But I think my original problem came from a bad solder joint on the DC connector, that I never took the time to check. But my unit is working 100%.
  • ok. few more questions : wich sd card did you use ? 
    and please i'm maybe to dumb, but i try to download the 'firmware.bin' on the brendan website
    but this is the V0.36 and i don't have the shift + play option & more.. 
    where can i find the V0.37 ? 
    sorry for all the questions.. 
  • Hey, I'm using a 4gb SDHC Sandisk card, works well for me.
    About the new firmware image with 0.37 here is the link, do not hesitate to bookmark the github!
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